Bob Garner is the premier magician motivational speaker

Corporate Entertainer

Corporate entertainer Bob Garner is an expert at providing just the right amount of fun with the right amount of content.

Some clients want more entertainment than content and vice versa. Because Bob customizes each presentation, you get the presentation that will help you "WOW" your group.

Customer Appreciation Event Entertainment:
You want your clients to have to do business, but also have a good time at your event. Having Bob kick-off, mid-way motivate or wrap up your meeting will help to insure that your customers remember YOUR meeting. Why? Because what Bob provides is unique and exciting. That is why they will remember it.

Employee Appreciation Event Entertainment
Your employees are a valuable asset and at your employee event provide them with something they will appreciate and remember. Bob delivers a light message underscored by his amazing skills as a mind reader and clean comedian. Add in polite audience participation and you have a HOME RUN EVENT!

Customized and Professional:
All of Bob's programs are completely customized. He works with you to create a presentation that fits your objectives. You decide how much entertainment and how much information/messaging. After all, it is called an employee appreciation event to sales meetings and beyond, Bob will work with you to amaze and astonish your group, while still providing content that delivers a message you want your group to hear.

Corporate event entertainment is a crucial element at most events and Bob is the perfect choice to help make your event stand out in the minds of your audience.

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Wowing a Franchise Event Audience

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Get the WOW Factor for Your Next Event


More than a corporate magician, Bob is a corporate mentalist who is a funny keynote motivational speaker and astonishing corporate entertainer who will "WOW" your group.

When companies are looking for funny motivational speakers of humorous motivational speakers, they know they can always count on Bob.

Via his demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, Bob will reveal the "thoughts" of your audience members and have them laughing, all at the same time. He will use members of your audience to help with "mind boggling" experiments that will delight your group. For after dinner entertainment or that perfect after dinner speaker to kick-off and wrap-ups, Bob will help you ignite your meeting!

Even though Bob believes we all have mental abilities that are overlooked, Bob is not a psychic nor does he have supernatural powers. He is just an entertaining guy who has worked hard at his craft of amazing people.

Couple that with decades of research on increasing professional and personal performance and productivity - as well as the reporting of his views in various magazines, websites, and blogs - and you have the proper ingredients for a fun, informative and enriching program.

That's what helps to make Bob stand out from all the other entertaining motivational speakers and corporate entertainers - he delivers!

When you're looking for corporate entertainment ideas for an employee appreciation event, a client appreciation event or any meeting where you want to provide the "WOW" factor, then contact the only WOW factor motivational speaker you will need... Bob Garner.

For more information, contact Bob at 805-534-1576 or go to his official speaking site at!